about-us01Prairie Sunset Home (PSH) is licensed by the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) as an adult care home offering skilled nursing and assisted living facilities and services.  Located in the southeast corner of Pretty Prairie, Kansas, Prairie Sunset Home is a not-for-profit facility owned by Prairie Sunset Home, Inc.

It is our privilege to care for the entire individual—the physical, spiritual, social and emotional health of each resident.  Our highly skilled staff helps each person attain the highest level of functioning possible.

ATTENTION VISITORS–COVID-19 update as of July 1, 2020.

An Open Letter to Residents and Families of Prairie Sunset Home

On Monday morning, June 29, families and visitors began to be allowed entrance if they passed our screening criteria, agreed to wear a mask, sanitized hands often, and practiced social distancing. We have been able to relax admissions based upon our previous success in keeping the virus out, the training and stability of our staff as well as the capacity of the area hospitals to respond to a cluster.

Importantly, our decision to allow visitors is only temporary. As part of our agreement with the Reno County Health Officer, we will go back into a LOCKDOWN on Tuesday, July 14, just prior to the Pretty Prairie Rodeo and remain locked down for about three (3) weeks. Visitation will be prohibited, except for compassionate care situations. After that time when the county gives us the OK and we feel confident, we will again start Phase 3 and allow visitors and volunteers to enter with screening and additional precautions including masks, social distancing and hand hygiene.

On Tuesday, July 7, from 11:00-1300, Serenity Hospice will be hosting a picnic cookout for our residents and staff members. We plan to set up some tables at the front entrance for the picnic. Residents and staff will enjoy grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and traditional picnic fare. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and residents can participate outside (social distancing required). Special thanks to Serenity for helping us bring some fun and variety into the lives of residents after being locked down for so many months.

Another week has passed and Prairie Sunset Home continues to be COVID-19 free! We continue to make every effort to keep residents, staff and consultants safe. The residents have really been missing family visits and contact. It is our sincere hope that by opening up visitation, even for a brief two-week period, it will help renew resident hope, fight off depression, feelings of hopelessness and abandonment. As of noon today, 57% of our residents have had at least one visitor since Monday and 36% have had multiple face-to-face visitors. What an amazing response by our families and friends! The state statistics related to infections in Kansas this week are alarming—it goes without saying “EVERYONE, STAY SAFE.” Please understand that all residents continue to be treated with courtesy and respect. The team here continues to do impressive work. As a reminder, our first choice is to immediately send residents with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 to the hospital! We must notify CMS within 12 hours if a resident or staff member tests positive for the virus.

• We screen ALL EMPLOYEES and take temperature before they are allowed to clock in for duty.
• We screen ALL VISITORS and take temperature before they are allowed to enter.
• Cloth face masks are worn by all staff, visitors, residents, therapists, hospice staff and contractors upon entry into the adult care home.
• No visitors under 16 years of age.
• Group activities must maintain social distancing.
• Residents have a complete set of vital signs (including O2) at least two (2) times a day.
• CDC approved disinfectants are used for all cleaning in rooms, equipment, tables, countertops and high touch surfaces.
• We use telehealth on laptops and tablets for family meetings, medical care and consultants.
• Every NEW resident admission or re-admission whether to skilled nursing or assisted living will be quarantined to their assigned room or apartment for 14 days–No Exceptions.
• Staff members continue to encourage residents to wear masks and wash hands often and use hand sanitizer to help keep everyone safe.
Over the next two weeks, please avail yourself this opportunity to visit an old friend or family member to help brighten someone’s day or lift their spirit. If a resident or staff member gets the COVID-19 virus, then we will instantly LOCKDOWN again. When and if that happens, it could be several months before we can allow visitors again. We apologize for the inconvenience as we try to protect everyone associated with PSH from this virus. You can be confident in the PSH team. Thank you in advance for your continued support as together we try to make Prairie Sunset Home a great place to live and work! More to follow!

Aaron D. Kelley Jr.

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Mission & Vision Statement
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Our People Make Us Your Most Trusted Choice

Only the nicest, most highly trained and experienced nurses, certified nurse’s aides and support staff will care for you or your loved one.

Prior to ever getting an opportunity to care for any resident at PSH, only the best, fully qualified applicants are considered.  Every member of our team has undergone an extensive personal and business background investigation.  If the prospective employee is licensed, then we verify that the license is current and the person is in good standing with the licensing agency.  A Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) background check is run to verify there are no convictions of adult abuse, neglect, financial exploitation or other offenses that would preclude employment or make the person unfit to work at Prairie Sunset Home.  Finally, during our interview process we want to insure that the applicant has a genuine interest in caring for the elderly and most important of all—The Applicant has to be nice!

about-us03Services Offered:

Short term aggressive/extensive rehabilitation is one of our core competencies.  Our teams of therapists are able to successfully rehabilitate residents so that over 60% of them are able to return home.  For those that are longer term residents, we often see a dramatic improvement in their functional ability.  Generally, there are two of the primary reasons for the sudden improvement. The first reason is because the resident begins to eat well balanced meals every day.  Second, the resident is now taking the medication exactly as prescribed by the doctor.  When you couple professional rehabilitation, good food, medication management, interesting activities with the therapeutic value of socialization and superior customer service, you find a facility and culture of dignity, respect and independence.

  • Skilled Rehabilitation therapies (physical, occupational and speech therapy)
  • Skilled and Rehabilitation Nursing services
  • Respite care (planned stay of less than 30 days)
  • Long term care
  • Hospice care (partnered with area hospice provider of resident’s choice)
  • Private and companion (semi-private) rooms
  • Restaurant style meals with menu choices, therapeutic diets and expanded meal times
  • Nutrition counseling by Registered Dietitian
  • Podiatry clinic
  • Psychiatrist consultation
  • Medicare and Medicaid certified
  • 24-hour nursing care licensed by KDADS
  • Planned group and individual activities
  • Planned group and individual exercise and fitness
  • Transportation arranged
  • Social services.

about-us04May I Visit Prairie Sunset Home Before Deciding to Move?

Yes!  We absolutely encourage you and/or a family member to visit us.  The best strategy is to become well informed about the care and services available before they are actually needed.  Unfortunately, residents and families wait until they find themselves faced with a medical crisis or illness requiring hospitalization.  In those situations, the admission decision is often made under a really compressed timeline with only a day or two to decide, thereby putting both you and us in a tough situation.   Advanced notice and well informed decisions are normally better.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has a helpful publication called: “Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home.”  That official government booklet explains: How to find and compare nursing homes; How to pay for nursing home care; Your nursing home resident rights; and, where to call for help.  To get a copy of the booklet go to:  https://www.medicare.gov/Publications/Pubs/pdf/02174.pdf

Please stop by anytime for a tour and information about our services and availability.  Or, call us to schedule a personal interview and tour (620) 459-6822.

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