house-01Prairie Sunset Home has been designed especially for older adults.  The floor plans, color schemes, and furnishings have been coordinated to make it easy and safe for residents to move around the buildings and campus independently.  In addition, the dining rooms, sitting areas, TV lounge, parlors and other living areas are centrally located and provide opportunities for socialization.

At Prairie Sunset Home maintaining a safe, clean, attractive and pleasant building for the physical comfort and well-being of the residents, staff, and visitors is important to us.  Generally we will have freshened up the room or apartment with new paint, cleaned and waxed the floor just prior to the resident moving in.  Resident rooms are normally cleaned on a daily basis.  All rooms are scheduled for a deep, through cleaning thereafter.  Common area carpeting is vacuumed daily.  Individual and public restrooms, as well as the shower and whirlpool rooms, are thoroughly cleaned every day and more frequently, if desired or needed.  If any restroom area needs attention, please tell us so that we may immediately resolve the problem.

Every resident room and most common areas have cable television access.  If the resident desires an internet connection in the room, then arrangement must be made with the office and Century Link. In addition, each resident room is equipped with a telephone hookup, individually controlled heating and air-conditioning and an overhead fire suppression sprinkler system.

house-02The spread of infection is a constant worry for every health care setting.  Special effort is taken to disinfect and clean door knobs, handrails, light switches, etc., to help prevent the spread of germs.  Please take a moment to use the disinfect foam hand sanitizers that we have located in common, high traffic areas, and hallways.  Clean hands are the # 1 way to prevent the spread of infection.  Your extra effort is necessary as we attempt to maintain a safe, clean, attractive and pleasant environment for everyone to live and work.

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