laundry-01Personal laundry and linen service is available to you every day. Laundry is picked up by the staff daily and normally returned by the following day.  Wash and wear fabrics hold up best and seem to be the most serviceable over time. Residents may send laundry home with family members or continue to take advantage of the laundry service we offer at PSH. Linens are provided for residents in the skilled facility. Please be aware that routine laundry service does not include hand laundry, ironing or mending for residents.  Arrangement for dry-cleaning can be made with the laundry staff or office.

We recommend you bring at least five days’ supply of personal clothing and linen (if desired). If, however, you have difficulties that require frequent changing of clothes and linens, you may need additional linen and clothing.  Normally personal clothing should be labeled or marked with the resident’s name to help alleviate misplaced items.  Indelible “Sharpie” markers work best as do “iron-on” labels.  Any laundry or housekeeping staff member will be happy to help you with marking clothes. Each resident or responsible party will be asked to help develop an inventory of personal belongings at the time of admission an update additional articles thereafter. Fresh bed linens are provided at least weekly and more often as necessary. Please feel free to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about this with the Administrator and the staff.

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