rehab-02Prairie Sunset Home (PSH) offers a more intense regimen and higher level of care such as greater physician involvement and therapy time.  An ongoing exercise and fitness program has been shown to improve quality of life through improved physical function.  Regular vigorous exercise can brighten a person’s outlook and fight signs and symptoms of depression and help reduce pain.  Our highly qualified team of nurses and therapists provide a coordinated program of care.  Prairie Sunset Home’s approach engages rehabilitation and fitness experts from many disciplines.  Our team of licensed or registered therapists is committed to enhancing the quality of life by reshaping lost abilities and teaching new skills.

Prairie Sunset Home has a well-equipped exercise and fitness room.  Exercise equipment includes:  recumbent bike; dumbbells; exercise bands; balls; and large mat for stretching.  We have laid out both indoor and paved outdoor walking circuits.  Electro-therapy modalities (Electrical stimulation [E-stim], ultra sound, and TENS unit), hot and cold packs are used for pain management.  Our goal is to help residents regain their prior level of functioning for optimal independence so they may return home, assisted living facility, or some other supportive living setting.  These therapeutic services are designed to maximize the functional capabilities of our patients and residents, and include:

  • Rehabilitation Nursing – Implements each resident’s medical care program as directed by the attending physician.
  • Occupational Therapy – Designs and delivers activity-based therapy to promote independence in the areas of self-care, home management and community reintegration. Our occupational therapists help residents who need specialized assistance in learning skills to enable them to be as independent as possible. Wheel chair assessments and seating needs are often addressed to improve physical function and comfort for the residents. Treatment may include recommendations for:
    • Daily living skills training;
    • Therapeutic exercise;
    • Static or dynamic splinting;
    • Adaptive equipment;
    • Environmental adaptations;
    • Visual/perceptual compensation techniques.
  • Physical Therapy – Evaluates and designs a treatment program to address limitation in physical function, mobility and safety. Our physical therapists provide evaluations and set up a rehabilitation and/or restorative plan to help improve mobility, decrease pain, and improve strength and endurance, related to a wide variety of diagnoses.  Treatments may include recommendations for:
    • Mobility and transfer training;
    • Ambulation with or without assistive device;
    • Strength and endurance training;
    • Stretching program to improve range of motion;
    • Balance and coordination activities;
    • Safety awareness.
  • Psychology – Provides support services to assist the resident and family in adjusting to the resident’s disability.
  • Respiratory Therapy – Ensures proper respiratory function through services such as oxygen supplements and aerosol treatments.
  • SpeechLanguage Pathology – Assesses and treats individuals with communication and comprehension disorders, cognitive difficulties and swallowing disorders. Our speech-language pathologist provides evaluations for language, voice, articulation and fluency disorders as well as swallowing.  Treatments may include recommendations for:
    • Cognitive functioning (orientation and problem solving);
    • Swallowing disorders (chewing difficulties, coughing, choking);
    • Language (understanding what is being communicated);
    • Speech and voice (strengthening oral musculature, improving slurred speech).
  • Exercise & Fitness — For those residents who have just completed skilled therapy at the hospital, skilled nursing facility, rehabilitation center or following outpatient therapy, our team of professionals can help improve or maintain the level of function regained for optimal independence.  Our Fitness Trainer can develop a custom exercise and fitness program for those who choose to self-direct their own fitness.  Both large group and small group exercise and fitness classes are scheduled.  Every resident is encouraged to attend and be an active member of our community.  Personal training can be scheduled on an individual basis to improve cardiac function, strength, endurance and balance.  Residents and families alike can be confident in knowing that exercise and fitness will be coordinated by an expert trainer.  The fitness trainer shares the fitness room with the skilled therapists (PT,OT, and Speech therapists).  So, you can be sure to get all the encouragement and support you need.
  • Dietary and Nutritional Counseling – Supervises all meals to ensure residents receive the necessary nutrition.
  • Case Management – Coordinates with the physician to ensure the resident’s needs are met and involves the family and other caregivers in the resident’s rehabilitation.

The Rehabilitation Team and Fitness Director works with the entire Prairie Sunset Home staff to assure that each resident has the opportunity to reach their highest level of independence.

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