Transportation services and programs provide residents opportunity to stay connected with the community.  Outings will be routinely scheduled for shopping, scenic tours, community events such as sporting events and parades.  These outings serve as an enjoyable change of pace for those who might not otherwise get out and at the same time helps brighten spirits and fight depression.

While it is always preferable for families, friends or other unpaid care givers to escort and/or transport the residents to doctor’s appointments, often we are able to schedule both the appointment and our own vehicles so as to help relieve the burden.

Ride in comfort and style

  • Medical appointments with companion service
  • Shopping trips
  • Hair appointments
  • Scenic tours
  • New admissions to Prairie Sunset Home (PSH)
  • Non-emergency hospital transports and returns
  • Saturday appointments available

If the trip or outing is a scheduled group activity outing, then generally there is no charge.  If Prairie Sunset Home (PSH) is required to provide special transportation, then the standard trip charge will be assessed.

Standard Trip Charges

Van + driver = $25.00 per hour
Companion = $15.00 per hour

How do I Arrange for Transportation at PSH?

To arrange PSH transportation, call or stop by to visit about the date and time of day transportation is needed. Transportation can be coordinated through the activity director, office or nursing.  We would like as much notice as is possible.  Obviously, we can handle emergencies, but it is always better for the resident, caregiver and others if everything is planned in advance.

Contact Information

620 459-6822

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